Host Family Application 

Host Families for International Students

Host families are as different and diverse as Americans themselves. They come from all ethnic, racial, economic, and religious backgrounds. There is no typical host family:families with teenagers, no children, young children, children who are grown, single parents and grandparents.

We partner with over 200 private and public middle & high schools in the U.S.

Host families are personally interviewed on the phone and in their home and Screened by our local community counselor according to Venture International Academy policies and procedures. We consider a host family's housing conditions and financial ability to host, however host families will not be expected to be “wealthy.”  We will be more concerned that host families have a willingness to accept the student as a member of their family, and have the ability to provide a student with nurturing and a loving family environment.

Potential host families will be required to complete a host family application,  which provides a detailed summary and profile of the family. The local community counselor will then schedule an in-home interview with all family members present. 

Host families are asked that they care for the students as they would their own children. Families are expected to provide students with a place to sleep, meals, and a loving supportive home life, and reasonable transportation. Students will provide their own spending money for all personal expenses, such as long distance calls, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, etc. In addition, students will have full medical and accident insurance coverage through VIA..

Since the hosting experience involves human beings with different expectations and goals, it would be unrealistic to expect the experience to be “problem free.” Host families have the local support of the community counselor. This individual is prepared to assist in resolving any difficult situation that may arise. 

Host families do receive a monthly monetary stipend for hosting.

When you have completed the application, EMAIL OR MAIL TO THE VENTURE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE. or To schedule an in home interview.